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Welcome to Derksen Portable Buildings, where we lead the industry in crafting top-tier portable structures that blend affordability with the timeless artistry of Mennonite craftsmanship. Each meticulously constructed building promises longevity and unwavering quality, proudly handcrafted to meet your needs.

Derksen Portable Buildings

Celebrating over 28 years of excellence, Derksen has become synonymous with trust and quality in the realm of backyard structures. Our commitment to innovation and craftsmanship is unwavering, as we continue to offer structures that not only serve practical needs but also enhance the aesthetic of any outdoor space.

Our Unique Structures:

Our competitive pricing comes with exceptional customer service!

Find your ideal barn for storage needs.
A charming addition that brings style and function to any garden.
Modern and sleek, for the urban outdoor space.
The ultimate storage solution, merging practicality with elegance.
Secure and spacious, designed to protect and store your vehicles and equipment.
Enhance your leisure time with structures that promise fun and functionality.

Design Your Derksen Portable Building

The Original Derksen Barn

cedar urethane w/ almond trim & light stone metal roof

alamo white metal siding w/ rustic red trim & rustic red metal roof

8’ wide w/ single door charcoal siding w/ burnished slate metal roof

For over a quarter of a century, Derksen Portable Buildings has established itself as a trusted leader in the realm of backyard storage solutions in America. With a commitment to innovation and quality that began in 1995, Derksen continues to lead the market by creating exceptional buildings that combine affordability with fine craftsmanship, reflecting the Mennonite tradition of integrity and workmanship.

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